A turnstile system at factory combines access control with operational data and time & attendance recording. It is necessary to maintain control and efficiency.

Time & attendance

Praktika turnstiles and card collectors are the main solution for access control at the entrance of the production company and Time & attendance accounting system.

Praktika T-01 turnstiles have a throughput up to 30 people per minute and are suitable for organizations with big amount of employees. Polished stainless steel housing guarantees reliability. At the same time turnstile Praktika T-01 provide organization access one by one and divide the flow of employers at the same time. This turnstile is compatible with most access control systems and could be used as Time & attendance device and for accounting.

Time & attendance recoding can be achieved by the use of special plastic access card with a unique electronic code or by remote unlocking of passage by guard. Big LED display with a polished artificial stone lid is settled at the good sight angle and indicates the status of the turnstile (open/closed).

A patented automatic "anti-panic" function releases the passage in just 3 seconds in emergency cases.

Visitors passage

Praktika K-01 card collector is one of the easiest units to install and at the same time it ensures an effective access control solution.

This model has a spacious container for more than 500 cards. There is an automated recording of permanent, temporary and one-time passes (IDs) as well as storing of information about their holders (including images) in databases.

Card collector has capacity more than 500 cards, weight - 24 kg., average life time is 8 years.

Praktika barriers would also be a good access control solution at the checkpoints of production facilities. Praktika barriers perfectly match turnstiles and are produced in the same style. Barrier design provides easy mounting and can be easily configured to meet the needed angle.

If necessary, the construction can be integrated with alarm and security systems.

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